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Skydiving in Kenya for experienced skydivers

Skydive Kenya is a skydiving center which you can find on the North coast of Mombasa at Vipingo Ridge Beach Club. Skydiving Kenya is fun jumpers frendly.

Looking for a unique, new skydiving drop zone? STOP!!! You just found us.

If you are a licensed skydiver looking for a place to chill and do some skydiving during the cold winter season, we are a perfect location for you. Our Skydiving Center is situated on a beautiful white sand beach with calm and steady winds for soft and safe parachute landings. The view is just breathtaking, and temperatures are high enough for you to skydive in shorts. If you want to write something different in your logbook, make some unique videos, or simply enjoy a beautiful scenic view during skydiving, reach out and join us.

Since we are doing off-airport jumps, there are some requirements
  • Students need to have skydived in the last 30 days
  • Licensed skydivers with 25 - 49 jumps need to have skydived in the last 60 days
  • Skydivers between 49 - 199 jumps need to have skydived in the last 90 days
  • Skydivers over 200 jumps need to have skydived in the last 6 months.
Recurrency training is available for those who do not meet the criteria. Just let us know in advance.

Things you need:

  • Valid ID or passport.
  • Signed up-to-date log book.
  • Valid skydiving license, and medical if required from the organization which issued the license
  • Obligatory inspection of personal rigs. Be sure the reserve is repacked and valid
  • AAD is mandatory for all skydivers

Rental is possible in case you do not have your own skydiving gear. Let us know in advance.

Our drop zone operates on Manifest Bud, manifesting software ( In order to skydive with us, you must register on Manifest Bud before your arrival. Our drop zone reference number is 119.

Skydive Kenya team

No previous experience is needed

A tandem skydive allows anybody to feel the adrenaline rush of a skydive jump without ever having any previous experience. The tandem instructor will care about all necessary procedures during your skydive, while you enjoy the ride and the rush from falling through the sky.

No medical examination

The great advantage of tandem skydiving is that it is not necessary to undergo a medical examination. If you have any questions regarding health and skydiving, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Only 10 minutes briefing

Unlike standard skydiving course, which can take several weeks, before going on the tandem skydive, you will only get 10 minute training breifing where the tandem instructor will explain the basic principles of skydiving.

Most common bucket list item

Bucket lists will never go out of style. Looking for some inspiration for yours? The adrenaline high produced by skydiving activity is no joke. According to a recent study, skydiving has an affect on the brain that elicits euphoria.

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