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How will Your first tandem skydive at Skydiving Kenya look like?

You are about to skydive and it is your first time. You came to a drop zone - this is how skydivers call the skydiving centre. What now?

When You arrive, You will find our lovely Skydiving Kenya staff at the reception to help you fill up the documentation and other paperwork required for a tandem skydive. After that, our skydiving instructors will take over and that’s where Your adventure truly begins. You will get a short briefing about the skydive – it takes around five minutes and is really simple. You only have to remember three things: your exit position, position in freefall and position during the parachute landing. Everything else will be done by Your tandem instructor.

Gearing up!

Once You are briefed for Your skydiving adventure it is time to get prepared for the tandem skydive. The tandem instructor will fit the tandem harness on You and prepare it for the tandem jump. If You chose the skydiving video option then filming the video intro is next step on the way – just relax and follow the instructor, he will do his best to make You look good in the video. If there is something You want to point out or send a message to someone, let Your skydiving instructor know about it so he can help You with Your plan.

Going to the Airport

So, you are ready for the tandem skydive now. That means you will head to the airplane and there is no coming back anymore. You are going to skydive out of a perfectly good airplane.

Boarding the Airplane

When we get to the plane, the tandem instructor will go into airplane first, and you will immediately follow him. When he takes the position in the plane then he will instruct you where to sit. Usually, it is in front of him. That is it! We are taking off!

Flying to the jump altitude

Shortly after take-off, he will attach your harness to himself and the parachute system, and after that everywhere you go, you go together. During the airplane flight, enjoy the scenic view above the white sands of the Indian ocean. You will have the most beautiful cost in the world to fly above. Talk to your tandem instructor and ask him whatever you want to know about skydiving and the adrenaline experience you are about to do - instructors love to talk. It is good to get to know each other, as he will always remain as the person who took you for your first skydiving adventure. So, you had a nice flight, a few laughs, and eventually, you came to the jump altitude. What now?

Exiting the Airplane

Remember your skydive briefing. Put your arms on the tandem harness as instructed, and let the tandem instructor do the rest. The Tandem instructor will take you to the airplane door and adjust your position for the skydive. Relax, lean on your instructor, and remember to have fun. 3, 2, 1, off we go!!!


You are free falling! Remember the position for the free fall, look towards the horizon, wave at the camera on your left and don't forget to smile. You are doing something that less than 1% of all population ever did. The Tandem instructor is behind you and controlling the free fall. You can wave to the camera, do hand gestures or just relax and enjoy until you find that something has changed. Your instructor just opened the parachute and now you are peacefully flying above the ocean.

Opening of the parachute and the flight underneath it

While under the parachute you can talk to your instructor, you can express your feelings to the camera and tell the people how you are feeling. Relax because you do not have to hold the position for free fall anymore. While you are flying under the parachute take time to enjoy the view of that breathtaking ocean coast. You are going to fly around for some time. Depending on how you feel you can have an easy canopy ride or a more extreme one, the skydiving instructor will ask you for your canopy ride preferences.

Parachute landing on the beach

So you are coming in for a parachute landing. For that, you will put both your legs up during the landing as instructed during the skydive briefing. After you land, the instructor will unhook your tandem harness from the parachute and himself, and that means that you did it. You jumped out of an airplane and became a newborn skydiver. Now you are ready for the best celebratory drink in your life. Cheers and Blue Skies.

Ready to book your Skydive with the Skydiving Kenya team?

No previous experience is needed

A tandem skydive allows anybody to feel the adrenaline rush of a skydive jump without ever having any previous experience. The tandem instructor will care about all necessary procedures during your skydive, while you enjoy the ride and the rush from falling through the sky.

No medical examination

The great advantage of tandem skydiving is that it is not necessary to undergo a medical examination. If you have any questions regarding health and skydiving, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Only 10 minutes briefing

Unlike standard skydiving course, which can take several weeks, before going on the tandem skydive, you will only get 10 minute training breifing where the tandem instructor will explain the basic principles of skydiving.

Most common bucket list item

Bucket lists will never go out of style. Looking for some inspiration for yours? The adrenaline high produced by skydiving activity is no joke. According to a recent study, skydiving has an affect on the brain that elicits euphoria.

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